Thursday, July 14, 2016

Quadcopter's Maiden Voyage

With a combination of stress at work and his stepfather's brain cancer not responding to treatment, Roy has been really burned out these past few months. I wanted to get him a gift that was in no way practical (as he prefers his gifts), and would help take his mind off things for a bit.

Amazon had a small quadcopter with a camera on sale for Prime Day, and I know Roy had been wanting a drone very much but hasn't been able to justify the cost of purchasing one. While normally $40, the discount I received for Prime Day, plus an additional discount for ordering via Alexa, combined with some credit I'd acquired thanks to the Kindle settlement... I was able to buy it for just $2.19! YEAAAAH.

Here is its maiden flight (as well as Evie and Ringo's reaction to it). It's much harder to pilot than you'd expect! My favorite part of the video is that gleeful little smile on Roy's face at the end right after he crashes it into the house. The drone was definitely worth it. Even if it did crash into everything in sight (and every time it did, Ringo would run after it and swat at it with his paws).

Roy convinced me to try piloting it, and I promptly landed it on the roof, then into a tree, and then managed to fly it right over the fence and into the neighbor's yard. It landed upside down - no flying it out. We had to fish it out with a rake. So much fun!